Farm Gate shop and Little Mussel Cafe is attached to our Factory at

230-250 Portarlington Queenscliff rd, Bellarine

PH: 0352591377

Winter opening hours are

  Thursday,Friday10am till 4pm Saturday 10am till 5pm and Sunday 10am till 4pm 

Please be aware that the kitchen closes at 3:30 Thursday, Friday, Sunday and  4pm on Saturday

Mussels fresh from our farm $6 per kg

or 6kg in a foam box $30

The farm gate Cafe has an inclosed alfresco area and a big share table under shade cloth so you have a choice on where you would like to enjoy some of the tempting treats on the menu.

Some of the favourites on offer are Mussel Chowder, Mussel Tasting plates, Chilli Mussels, Oyster with lemon, Oyster Kilpatrick and Arancini balls,  Mussel pies and Scallop pies . You can enjoy a nice cold glass of wine, beer or cider with your meal. 

Or if you prefer call in and pick up you fresh Portarlington mussels by the kg or box and Angasi Oysters or Pacific Oysters freshly shucked, and don't forget to grab some of our soused mussels, smoked Mussels and Jerky mussels when you are there.

We also sell Prawns, Scallops, Abalone and Seaweed

If you are coming over from Melbourne on the fantastic Port Phillip Ferry and cant find transport to get to us please give us a call, and on most occasions we can come and pick you up. 

Eat in or take away

Other times by appointment for groups over 15